5 questions with Judy Mwangi, Head of Product at Nomanini

Let's assume that you are talking to a stranger. What’s the ideal way to explain product management at Nomanini?

Product Management at Nomanini focuses on enhancing the lives of retailers across Africa by providing solutions that grow their businesses and enable them to thrive. We do this by thinking through different ways to make the lives of retailers better and understand how they want to run their businesses in order to identify how best we can develop solutions to meet to their needs.  Nomanini's product function supports building inhouse solutions and builds relationships with key organisations within the retailer ecosystem.

What areas in product management do you find interesting to work with?

Product management for me is about problem solving. Once a problem is identified I enjoy looking for a solution. Going through this process, I'm conscious to put the retailer at the heart of it and imagine myself in their shoes. What would make it easier for me to run a business? I receive great satisfaction from seeing a solution be implemented and seeing it work!

What is a favourite product that you’ve built, and what do you like most about it?

I would say my favourite product I have developed is digital solutions that ensure retailers are running their business effectively and efficiently. Accessing our solutions digitally means retailers are able to access a range of products at the tip of their fingers and receive support they require.

What is the biggest lesson you learned that you find valuable today?

Every opportunity is a learning opportunity; I like to have an open mind in my interactions and learn from the retailers I talk to every so often, from my team, my colleagues and every one I get to spend time with. This mindset has helped me especially when navigating into new fields.

What is your vision for what the informal sector will look like if Nomanini has achieved its mission?

Our vision at Nomanini is to empower informal retailers across Africa to have access to opportunities at their till points that will allow them to grow their businesses through access to value added services, credit and payments solutions. For us, retailers are at the heart of everything we do. If we achieved our mission, we would see livelihoods improved across the continent, less fragmentation, more jobs and most importantly financial access and inclusion.

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About Nomanini

Nomanini is a pioneering fintech that connects merchants, distributors and service providers to overcome fragmentation, optimise digital distribution, and scale Africa’s informal retail ecosystem by combining new digital financial services with existing distribution networks.

Nomanini was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in South Africa.

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